Tiffany McCullough Podcast

In this podcast, Tiffany McCullough from  shares her path to find tapping and how she transformed her limiting beliefs and now she helps others to do the same. How she has transformed her life now benefits so many others. She works with women with anxiety, limiting beliefs and helps them ‘love themselves’ more. She shares great stories how tapping has helped clients increase self-esteem and confidence. Listen and be inspired.

Nancy Linnerooth Podcast

In this Loving Yourself Podcast, Nancy Linnerooth from  shares her story on how she found tapping after years of being a litigator and therapist. Now she works with business owners to help them not only be accountable for their progress, but help them release their limiting beliefs. She shares some great stories about how three business owners had different limiting beliefs that originated in both child and adulthood and how their businesses shifted after releasing their limiting beliefs. Share this podcast with others who can benefit from her inspiring stories.

Dawn Pensack Podcast

In this Loving Yourself Podcast, Dawn Pensack from shares her inspiring story on how physical illness guided her to tapping and now how she helps others learn to accept themselves more. She talks about how people with migraines and other illnesses have found relief after tapping with her. Her tip on how focusing on bright spots can transform your legacy.

Stephanie Wood Podcast

In this Podcast with Stephanie Wood from shares her amazing story of years of depression that limited her living life and how that led to learning about tapping. Since, she has been depression free for almost 20 years. With that shift, she now helps other through their blocked emotions and limiting beliefs and works with women entrepreneurs and their relationship with money. She shares a wonderful story of a women with blocks to paperwork and taxes and how she now is excited to do them… WOW. She also shares a technique called Ultra EFT that she has developed. Take a listen and learn.

Christine Bernat Podcast

In this Podcast Christine Bernat from shares her story of a debilitating physical illness and how that brought her to self-healing and a deep self-awareness that she now carries with her. These personal insights and intuition helps her guide her clients to help heal themselves. Her stories are fantastic – especially about a 3 year old that wasn’t sleeping and how she is doing today. Hear her stories and share with others.

Corby Furrow Podcast

In this Loving Yourself Podcast, Corby Furrow from shares her story of how she was lead by the universe to find tapping to help heal some core beliefs and how she now helps others do the same. It’s a story of Corby following her path into an amazing destination. She’s still on the journey and shares how tapping has helped others too. Listen and be hopeful.

Amanda Peet Podcast

In this Podcast, Amanda Peet founder of EDT at, shares her story to finding tapping and how that inspired a dowsing technique that Amanda uses with her self and family and has impacted many others. She shares a story of how a client shifted her core beliefs through this technique and had an immediate positive physical impact. Listen to her amazing stories.