Jondi Whitis Podcast

In this Loving Yourself Podcast, Jondi Whitis from shares the personal impact that tapping has had and now shares tapping to a wide range of people. She works with veterans and shares stories of many have shifted through PTSD with tapping. She is passionate about teaching children emotional first aid tools and has created a book to teach children on how to tap. She is also a Master Trainer for teaching and mentoring EFT practitioners. She is a wonderful story teller and you will find this podcast very inspiring. For more information on her book; go to her website under the Book tab.

Casey VanPutten Podcast

Casey VanPutten from shares her amazing story of childhood illness and trauma and how that led to her finding tapping. She explains how tapping helped her heal emotional and physical wounds and was so inspired about the impact that it’s now her mission to help families, particularly mothers, help their kids heal and shift through tapping. She’s a great storyteller and shares a motivating story about fear of driving on highways. It’s worth listening to and sharing with others.

Jules Vandermaat and Katie Walker Podcast

In this loving yourself podcast, Jules Vandermaat and Katie Walker from Tapping with Jules and Katie share their stories of how tapping has helped them and now they work with women who feel they are presently drinking too much. Their Sober October program attracts women globally to provide support. Most participants achieved their goals and were able to change their relationship with alcohol, noticing they felt less triggered to drink in a variety of situations. For more information on their Sober October program, go to their Facebook page by searching on: tapping with Jules and Katie.

Chayim Wallk Podcast

In this special podcast, Chayim Wallk shares how tapping has helped him with relationships and heal old wounds. He now works with clients and interpersonal healing and abandonment issues. He shares a couple of stories of people who have experienced personal issues including abandonment and how their lives were overpowered with these events and how tapping has helped them release the physical and emotional impacts. Very inspiring and a great listen. Chayim can be reached at

Jeanine Crombe Podcast

Jeanine Crombe from shares insights into over 18 years of being an EFT practitioner and how she has impacted so many people both in private practice and working with corporations. She often partners with functional doctors who collaborate with her to help heal patients on an emotional level. The doctors see greater success in clients by working with Jeanine. She shares a great story of a terminal cancer patient over 15 years ago and how she is thriving after working through her blocks and is now cancer free. She shares a mini treasure chest to help people love themselves more; which you can find at Please share Jeanine’s story and her impact.

Lina Landess Podcast

In this podcast, Lina Landess of shares two examples of how EFT/Tapping has impacted client’s lives. One is about a woman who was traumatized by the murder of her brother and how the news of his death manifested as intense physical issues. Thanks to Tapping, both the emotional trauma and the related physical effects were resolved. This is a great podcast to listen to and share.

Mary-Jane Sharratt Podcast

In this special podcast, Mary-Jane Sharratt from shares how widespread her impact is from her EFT/tapping students and clients. She shares a couple of non-coincidental stories that will help you truly see the impact tapping can have. She works with private clients and also coaches and mentors EFT practitioners so her reach is even wider. Listen and share this podcast with others.

Bettina Falkenberg Podcast

In this Loving Yourself Podcast, Bettina Falkenberg from shares how practising EFT/tapping has led her from long term depression to a rewarding career supporting people who face cancer and other debilitating health challenges to take back control of their lives. She shares the inspiring story of a young woman suffering with Multiple Functional Disorder (MFD or FND), an unexplained neurological disorder that left her client long term disabled in a wheelchair, unable to work and care for herself. After 9 months of working with Bettina the woman was off most of her medications, able to work, walk, drive a car, and living a fulfilled life. Apart from seeing clients individually and running tapping groups, Bettina is a trainer and mentor. Don’t miss her tip on loving yourself more

Dawn Bennett Podcast

In this Loving Yourself podcast, Dawn Bennett from shares her story of finding the powerful impact that EFT/tapping has through her work as a massage therapist and finding people had emotional blocks stored in their bodies. Now she helps clients work with their touch boundaries in relationships; helping them create more intimacy and healthier relationships. Her new book, The Touch Crisis is coming out soon. She shares a great example on how tapping has helped people that are uncomfortable wearing masks. Listen and share.

Katie Nall Podcast

Katie Nall, from has a very interesting story which led her to tapping. With a PhD in Mathematics Education, she found that students had anxiety around taking math. She searched for a method to help them and found tapping. Now she works with people worldwide on helping their anxiety and worries disappear with tapping. She shares a great story of how she used quantum tapping with a client from a past life. Definitely worth listening to…. be inspired.