Annette Nielsen Podcast

Annette Nielsen from shares how she found tapping and now tapping has become her “partner” to work through any challenges she faces. She shares two very inspiring stories about two gentlemen who had physical issues and diseases. One of her clients couldn’t sleep at night or garden as his fingers and toes felt like they were in a bucket of glass; he shifted and could sleep and garden again. Great stories to listen to.

Susan Kennard Podcast

Susan Kennard from shares a fabulous story how she found energy healing and is now a Spiritual Scientist. She now works with people worldwide on helping them heal trauma and other energy blockages and help find their mission. She shares a story about a veteran with PTSD and how releasing the trauma from a childhood event helped him heal is PTSD challenges. She is publishing a book on Sparkles to Success: Your Guide to Awakening the Light Within. Listen to this inspiring podcast and share with others.

Andrea Fredi Podcast

In this Loving Yourself Podcast, Andrea Fredi from shares his background on how he found tapping and worked on himself using EFT. He now helps people around the world in English, French and Italian. He shares a unique story of a woman on a cruise who had issues relating to an uncle that died in the second world war and what she carried from him in her own issues. He worked with her using EFT and AGER technique that he developed with a medical doctor in Italy and released the stuck energy from her uncle that passed and shifted her at the same time. Exciting story to listen to.