Betsy Bruns Podcast

Betsy Bruns from shares her heartfelt story on how she found tapping and nutrition when helping her mom and sister through illness and blocked energy. She now helps people work through their blocks, limiting beliefs and other issues relating to being healthy. She shares a great story of how a client had beliefs from childhood around eating to self-soothe. Through tapping her life and cravings have shifted Great podcast to listen to gain hope around shifting some issues you may have and how possible it is. Listen and Share.

Anne Ryan Podcast

Anne Ryan from shares her calling to be an EFT practitioner and how it is a synergistic fit with her. She is a wonderful story teller and shares a few stories on how EFT has had a significant impact on her clients. One client was a grandmother who worked with Anne as a surrogate for her grandson whom after being in the ICU after birth was unable to stay in a stroller or car seat; and after working with the grandmother, her grandson was able to comfortably travel in both. She is as wonderful story teller, so take the time to listen and be inspired.

Joanne Antoun Podcast

Joanne Antoun from shares the amazing story of her childhood intuitiveness that created fear in her life and as a late teen realized that she had a gift to intuitively channel. Now she helps others heal from deep source and limiting beliefs and/or decisions that are typically the core of not being worthy. She is the founder of the wonderful CTC Therapy where clients spend just 2 hours working with her or her personally trained therapist to shift these core beliefs. She shares the story of a man who was afraid to fly and hadn’t visited his parents in 14 years. He left 2 days later to go back home with no fear of flying. A wonderful podcast to listen and learn.

Don & Gina Grotoff Podcast

Don and Gina Grotoff from works with families primarily with with children who suffer from anxiety, OCD and other stress related situations. They beautifully bring into practice key skills enabling families to thrive. Through communication, respect and tapping, they holistically bring families together to work together and love together. They share a great story of a boy with anxiety and how the whole family benefited from working with them. It’s wonderful that they synergize as a couple to help families work through issues that they had with their own children. Great podcast to listen and share.

Rebecca Loughner Podcast

Rebecca Loughner shares her unique story about how ancestors have held heavy energy of grief and sadness and how she now works with people who have passed that are individually and collectively holding people back that are living. She shares fascinating stories on how this works and the great impact it has on all of us in the present moment. Her tip to loving yourself is simple yet powerful. She can be reached at

Gillian Small Podcast

Gillian Small from and shares her story of how panic attacks and overwhelm were impacting her life with her small twin boys and how tapping/EFT magically showed up in her life to send her on a healing path and now she helps others do the same. She combines EFT or tapping with Quantum EFT that helps heal issues from past lives. She is very passionate about this modality and the significant impact it has in helping people free themselves from their issues. She shares some wonderful tips to love yourself more. You will be inspired by listening.

Stephanie White Podcast

Stephanie White from comes with a wealth of experience and training in different modalities that led her to tapping and now she helps women with stress and anxiety; helping them become the women that they can and want to be. She shares some great stories on how a young woman was borderline agoraphobic and after working with Stephanie recently drove by herself 6 hours for a vacation on the beach. Her clients experience profound shifts in how their inner world shifts and that their realities also improve for the better. She clearly explains the framework of her work with clients. Spend the 15 minutes to listen and learn so much.

Kate Munden Podcast

Kate Munden from shares her story of unhappiness and experience of verbal abuse and the feeling of slowly being cooked like a lobster in a pot and how tapping helped her create healthy boundaries and free herself from the subtle covert abuse. Now she helps men and women work through their trauma of abusive relationships and how freeing being on the other side can be. She shares a wonderful tip on how loving yourself more can make a profound impact in your life. Her work as a board member for EFTI helps get the word out on how impactful tapping can be. Take 15 minutes to listen and be inspired.

Yvonne Toeset Podcast

Yvonne Toeset from shares how tapping found her and the profound impact it had on her that led her to pursue further studies of EFT. She has trained with the Masters and has become a Master trainer herself. Now she works with childhood traumas to help release the trauma behind these childhood experiences. She has written four books on EFT and is launching her fifth book on the impact of COVID 19 – what a gift to the world. The book can be found on her website. Have a listen to her tip on how to be more ‘at home with yourself’.

Susan Cowe Miller Podcast

Susan Cowe Miller from shares an insightful story about how she found reiki and tapping through her complicated relationship with her husband and his subsequent death. Now she uses that insight to help others as they work through their stress and issues. She shares an interesting story about someone who worked with her and how it helped her “toilet” activities (funny story). She talks about how stress impacts the quality of our lives and how tapping helps. Her tip on how to love yourself more is very easy to apply when triggered. Take the time to listen.