Stephanie Newton Podcast

Stephanie Newton from shares her path from anxiety to calm and how she helps others do the same. She gracefully talks about how she acts as a guide pulling in her tools from her various modalities to help clients lead their own way to their healing. She shares a couple of stories about a client who was afraid of public speaking and how after her sessions, she was able to comfortably speak in public. Another story about a client with intense food cravings and how he made a shift quickly and was no longer addicted. Her tip to love yourself more is very unique and simple to apply. Listen and learn.

Bridget Edwards Podcast

Bridget Edwards from shares her story of childhood trauma and how that led her on a path to healing through tapping. Now she uses the skills as a powerful truth detective and her empathic skills to connect with her client’s source issues. She gracefully helps them through external and emotional challenges; many times within 2 hours. Her story about a cancer patient and her healing journey and how an alcoholic shifted his addition very quickly. She’s is passionate about helping others and intuitively tunes in to her clients. Spend the 20 minutes to listen, learn and be inspired. She has many tools and information on her website.

Jemima Blazdell Podcast

Jemima Blazdell from shares how she had panic attacks and anxiety in her early 20’s and spent years in therapy and on medications before finding tapping and being able to heal and shift. Now she takes her amazing journey to help others. She shares a story of a woman who was afraid of driving and flying and who now travels overseas regularly without fear. She explains her impactful packages and courses. She is passionate about tapping and sharing the modality with the world. You will be awe inspired by this podcast.

Pamela Thompson Podcast

Pamela Thompson from Wellness Within shares her amazing personal story on how everything on the outside was great; but she didn’t feel it on the inside. She found tapping and it shifted her and her family’s life. Now she partners with her husband and daughter to help others that have blocks and want to see enormous shifts in their lives. She shares a story about a woman with such bad jaw pain that she could barely eat and how tapping helped. Her “AHA” tip on loving yourself is very original. You can find out more at: