Jenny has a Master’s degree in International Business, and has studied many healing and energy modalities.

  • EFT Certified Practitioner - AAMET
  • Integrated Mentor EFT Specialist
  • Matrix Reimprinting Standard Course
  • Intro to Matrix Reimprinting EFT workshop
  • Soul Reconnection Matrix Reimprinting Course
  • Mindfulness – Self Compassion
  • Mindfulness - CBT
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach – QSCA (Quantum Success Coaching Academy)
  • Founding Member – The F.I.X. code method
  • Yuen Method – Levels 1 and 2
  • Graduate from Orin/DaBen Light Body
  • Sedona Method Coach – Level 1
  • Reading Energy Course
  • Gay and Katie Hendricks –Living University Coaching Course
  • Abraham-Hicks –Law of Allowing Workshops
  • Pacific Institute – Unleashing Performance Course
  • Peak Potentials – Secrets of a Millionaire Mind
  • Reiki – Level 1
  • Reflexology – Introduction course

Jenny began her journey many years ago when she was diagnosed with CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She developed this as she completed basic training in the navy while suffering from active mono. She was determined to graduate from basic training and even won the Best Female Recruit Award while she was terribly sick. Her sheer determination and will power pushed her through and she ended up quite ill after completing basic training.

This started her quest and interest in self-healing modalities and her journey has taken her to many parts of the world studying with many trainers and masters towards healing and self-fulfillment.

She healed herself from CFS when the doctors said she would never be able to work full-time. She was very proud when she completed the New York City Marathon (even though she was not a runner). It was a symbolic accomplishment that she could heal herself and achieve her dreams.

On her journey, Jenny realized she had many blocks and resistance in her life that was holding her back from the success she wanted. Through this journey she studied law of attraction and other healing modalities and discovered that her energetic system was blocked from making the shifts she so wanted.

One of her most compelling desires was to become a mother and after years of fertility treatments, a miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, she shifted her resistance and gave birth to a son in 2007. She overcame this struggle by “allowing” herself to get pregnant vs. “trying” to get pregnant.

Her next challenge came with Post-Partum Depression after her son was born. This lasted for over a year and completely debilitated her life from the flowing space she had grown accustomed to. She has used EFT, energy shifts and other health oriented practices to help her heal and gain back her exciting career while being a hands-on mom.

Since working with these energy modalities and EFT or Meridian Tapping, she has released resistance around her old belief of struggle and her learned sub conscious habits around frustration and problem solving. If she didn’t have a problem to solve, she would find or create one. It was a “frustrating” way to live.