Transformational Packages

The goal of creating transformational packages is to create a collection of products and services you offer that increases the money you make and not take any more time out of your already busy schedule. Additionally, packages are much easier to market than just selling your time because the client is receiving a variety of products and services. This will help cut down on how much marketing you have to do, especially if you include items that will literally sell themselves. Then, after your initial setup, you will be free to go about your business. Also, since you are selling a package instead of an hourly rate, not only will you make more money in less time; you will be able to accommodate more clients. That will equal more money, more people helped and still more time for you to focus on other aspects of your life that deserve your attention.

How to Choose Products

The best products to add into a transformational package are items that will not take any additional time out of your schedule to facilitate but will also add the highest amount of value for your clients. If the products also enhance the work you are doing directly with your client, then that will increase the value of your services significantly while supporting the overall progress that is made in helping clients reach their goals. It will also make the most sense to them as to why it would be a great idea to make their purchase and get started.

This motivates your potential client to buy your package. They want the transformation and are willing to pay big dollars for it.

EZtapping is a product that is perfect to add into any package as a supplement to your services or even to use as a standalone product because it helps the client build on their progress with tapping programs that can be done in just five minutes per day. This will help your client’s progress take root and take off in ways that are dramatically improved vs. if they are waiting a week or two between one-on-one sessions with you. It will also help them feel empowered to be in charge of their own healing program and to multiply the effects that your service provides for them. The EZtapping tool is designed to be completely hands off for you once the programs are setup. EZtapping will automatically send your client a reminder email every day for thirty days. The reminder includes a link to your own branded website that takes clients to easy, step by step instructions so they can go through their tapping program including where to tap and what to say so they don’t have to remember the sequence or script on their own.