EFT is Mobile and Flexible

Once you learn how to do “Tapping” or utilizing the Emotional Freedom Techniques, you will have the ability to transform your life!

It is truly freeing to know that you can take control of any issues that are negatively impacting you. By gently stimulating these ancient acupuncture or acupressure points with your own hands, you can enable some deep changes to take place. Letting go of past, present or future fears, while re-affirming your love and acceptance of yourself is very empowering.

Some people incorporate daily tapping. Some people find it helpful to do it before getting out of bed in the morning, to set up their positive day and determine what personal issues they are working to overcome.

Other individuals simply take a moment to tap as things come up through the day and kind of “play it by ear.” Other people find it great to do before or after or during their shower or “bathroom time” when they are sure to be alone.