Make More Money in Less Time
As a Coach or Healing Professional

By learning the same life impacting practices that have helped many Coaches and Healing Professionals create more success.

You probably became a coach or healing professional to help fulfill a deep passion to be of service to others. The problem is, as most of us quickly find out with business, that one billable hour with a client equates to many more hours of preparation.

If you’re like most professionals, you’re probably not making the weekly desired income after you total up all the hours spent in comparison to what you are actually being paid.

As a business-woman, who completed a Masters degree in International Business, I know how to run a practice, and because of my own personal passion for serving others, I’d like to share that with you and show you exactly how it’s done.

My free e-book called Make More Money in Less Time helps Coaches and Healing Professionals learn 12 powerful ways to make more money in less time, which will help support your practice and open new doors for your success.

> Inside You Will Learn:

-How to create transformational packages that make you more money and more productive with less marketing.

-Answers to the most common hurdles and pitfalls associated with selling coaching or healing services.

-Ideas on how to jump start your business in a significant way.

-How to create robust offerings that demonstrate immediate value to your clients.

-What kinds of product packages you should offer.

-What existing products and services have the highest perceived value.

-A business model specifically designed for the healing industry.

-How to keep your clients’ progress growing in between their one-on-one sessions with no additional time from you.

-How to better support your clients’ overall progress so that they reach their goals.

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