Stephanie White Podcast

Stephanie White from comes with a wealth of experience and training in different modalities that led her to tapping and now she helps women with stress and anxiety; helping them become the women that they can and want to be. She shares some great stories on how a young woman was borderline agoraphobic and after working with Stephanie recently drove by herself 6 hours for a vacation on the beach. Her clients experience profound shifts in how their inner world shifts and that their realities also improve for the better. She clearly explains the framework of her work with clients. Spend the 15 minutes to listen and learn so much.

Kate Munden Podcast

Kate Munden from shares her story of unhappiness and experience of verbal abuse and the feeling of slowly being cooked like a lobster in a pot and how tapping helped her create healthy boundaries and free herself from the subtle covert abuse. Now she helps men and women work through their trauma of abusive relationships and how freeing being on the other side can be. She shares a wonderful tip on how loving yourself more can make a profound impact in your life. Her work as a board member for EFTI helps get the word out on how impactful tapping can be. Take 15 minutes to listen and be inspired.

Yvonne Toeset Podcast

Yvonne Toeset from shares how tapping found her and the profound impact it had on her that led her to pursue further studies of EFT. She has trained with the Masters and has become a Master trainer herself. Now she works with childhood traumas to help release the trauma behind these childhood experiences. She has written four books on EFT and is launching her fifth book on the impact of COVID 19 – what a gift to the world. The book can be found on her website. Have a listen to her tip on how to be more ‘at home with yourself’.

Susan Cowe Miller Podcast

Susan Cowe Miller from shares an insightful story about how she found reiki and tapping through her complicated relationship with her husband and his subsequent death. Now she uses that insight to help others as they work through their stress and issues. She shares an interesting story about someone who worked with her and how it helped her “toilet” activities (funny story). She talks about how stress impacts the quality of our lives and how tapping helps. Her tip on how to love yourself more is very easy to apply when triggered. Take the time to listen.

Puja Kanth Podcast

In this podcast, Puja Kanth from shares how tapping has helped her clients heal from childhood trauma and the impact it has had on their lives. She shares a story about a client with panic attacks and fear of flying and how that client flew after working with her. It’s very inspiring to hear about people with these traumas and how their lives have changed after the tapping sessions. Her tip around shadow work is very interesting. Listen and Share.

Aga Kehinde Podcast

In this Loving Yourself podcast, Aga Kehinde from shares her colorful path towards finding tapping and how she uses it with her children. Listen to the story of her kids helping a friend in distress. She shares an insightful journey with an executive client and how she had some blocked feelings that were impacting her and didn’t know where it was coming from. Without spoiling the story she shares, it was from past generational trauma and how with epigenetics we can work on that to heal it in the present. Her tip for loving yourself really gets to the root of healing personal challenges. Have a listen and share.

Helen Clinton Podcast

Helen Clinton from Helen shares an interesting story on working with a client and how the tapping over a few months had her release internal trauma and extended into a fear about driving her kids exhibiting in panic attacks. She healed the trauma and purchased a new car and is driving her kids with ease. She ends with a wonderful tip on self-compassion. Listen to her great story telling and share with others.

Genoveva Vazquez Podcast

Genoveva Vazquez from  shares her inspiriting story that was captured in the book, The Power Within on how she immigrated to Canada and decided to leave her profession of a certified public account to pursue her dream of helping others. She shares a couple of stories on how people have shifted both inside and out after working with her. She is an advocate for loving yourself more and had a great tip to share.

Annette Nielsen Podcast

Annette Nielsen from shares how she found tapping and now tapping has become her “partner” to work through any challenges she faces. She shares two very inspiring stories about two gentlemen who had physical issues and diseases. One of her clients couldn’t sleep at night or garden as his fingers and toes felt like they were in a bucket of glass; he shifted and could sleep and garden again. Great stories to listen to.

Susan Kennard Podcast

Susan Kennard from shares a fabulous story how she found energy healing and is now a Spiritual Scientist. She now works with people worldwide on helping them heal trauma and other energy blockages and help find their mission. She shares a story about a veteran with PTSD and how releasing the trauma from a childhood event helped him heal is PTSD challenges. She is publishing a book on Sparkles to Success: Your Guide to Awakening the Light Within. Listen to this inspiring podcast and share with others.