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Strategic Advantages of Offshore Software Development

In today’s technological era, offshore software development or software created by third parties or vendors has become an inevitable trend. The demand for a wide range of software development services has resulted in a worldwide explosion of service providers, particularly in the last two decades. The challenges of managing an offshore development team elevate the risk of missing the target. If your engagement with an offshore team creates the risk of failing to meet the desired objectives, it is best to seek another alternative that grants you more control over the project. The technology landscape is developing quite rapidly with technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, natural language processing and many more changing how industries operate.

Why Offshore Software Development Is Your Best Bet

For example, if you see that your team lacks professionals, you can use staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is a flexible staffing solution that allows your business to draw on short-term or long-term resources as needed. With this approach, you can hire personnel with the skills and experience needed for particular projects but without the ongoing financial commitment of a full-time employee. Using these simple tips, your cooperation with an offshore software development outsourcing company will be pleasant and productive.

How to Work Effectively with Your Offshore Development Team: A Detailed Guide

This is one of the most common software offshore development problems, which can be traced back to various factors. Your communication, for example, may degrade as a result of your vendor’s poor command of the English language. To cope with it, pick an IT partner, assess their English proficiency ahead of time, or discuss it individually with the company’s representative or team members. However, you have to consider the following peculiarities when offshoring a project. Because of the geographical distance between you and your offshore IT partner, a significant time zone difference can affect your development workflow. You just need to be careful in choosing a technical partner and pay attention to their customers’ reviews.

Why Offshore Software Development Is Your Best Bet

Offshoring creates greater diversity in thought and approach, allowing you to solve problems in more creative ways or innovate using techniques you may not have been exposed to before. Various global industries have been considering hiring an offshore development team for decades in order to maximize efficiency and harness their amazing skill set to drive the organization’s growth. Hiring an offshore development team does more than optimizing your cost. Having a specialised offshore team assists in understanding the product without having to describe it in detail because the blueprint of your idea can help it realise what kind of product you require. Joining hands with an offshore development team is then a must-try option for you. Keep in mind that payroll is only a minor fraction of the overall cost.

Simple Software Development Pricing Models Worth Knowing

Product delivery depends on how well the team works together, whether onshore or offshore. Consider what services you need and research typical salaries and hourly rates in Latin American countries. Latin America offers the perfect solution for US-based companies when it comes to software development offshoring, since its close proximity to the US makes communication with those onshore a breeze. This remarkable growth is due to the attractive combination of skilled workers, cutting-edge technology, and substantial cost savings that businesses can reap from offshoring projects to Latin America. Nearshoring is a form of outsourcing that involves sending work to countries that are geographically close to your company’s home country. For example, it is nearshoring if you’re located in North America and want to try software development outsourcing in Mexico.

Why Offshore Software Development Is Your Best Bet

Agile methodology is a really effective team management process and it is particularly effective in the  case of remote teams. Make sure you engage as often as possible with your offshore team least until you are in complete sync with your team. Show that you are available and that they can approach you with any concerns or doubts. By being a friend to your team they will be there for you in your time of need. Let’s dive in and find out how we can manage an offshore team effectively to ensure success.

Top 10 Offshore Software Development Best Practices

In fact, we’ve even created a calculator that can help you to identify just how much money you might be able to save by switching to offshore. But of course, the main advantage of outsourcing is the huge amount of money that it can save you. The cost of living varies widely around the world, and so do laws about minimum wages. That means that you can easily find freelancers who can develop software at a fraction of the going rate in your local area. Better still, it’s usually easy to find a rate that’s low for you and high for them, meaning that everybody wins. Ultimately, the best approach to take depends upon the way that your company is set up and whether you have the budgets available to play it safe or whether you need to keep costs to a minimum.

  • In such scenarios, offshoring employees help as your obligation to those professionals ends after the completion of the project.
  • Now if you compare the two, you will find a huge salary gap between India and the UK.
  • Yes, it’s a huge advantage to have an offshore team fluent in your language.
  • If regular and timely communication means a lot to you and your project, offshoring might not be your best option.
  • In general, companies outsource mainly to gain access to resources they do not possess, which are critical to a project’s success.

It’s a good idea to complete this list before contacting a company or at least take a break after consultation with its representatives to consider these points. This way, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you need and define your goals. Moreover, examine your forthcoming team’s skill set (including hard and soft abilities).

Access to A Wider Talent Pool

Offshore refers to services outside of a company by technology companies for various reasons. It is always desirable to have some overlapping between the local and remote work hours so you can meet and resolve issues quickly. Besides that, you may greatly benefit having a team with some hours ahead or behind your local time. Involving a wider talent pool is great for expanding your innovative potential.

It is an IT product company that offers innovative e-commerce solutions.. They wanted to grow, but there was a scarcity of skilled IT engineers in the United States. They decided to have an offshore development team to meet their software development needs. Just in one month they settled in their new office and within six months they had a team of 30 developers.

Tips for Successfully Offshoring Software Development

With offshore teams, companies benefit from the expertise and specialized skills of professionals who may not be available locally. Offshore software development is beneficial if things are appropriately done at each stage of the project. It is not feasible for most business organizations to access and maintain the latest technologies owing to their high expenses. The offshore agencies, on advantages of offshore software development the contrary, focus on upgrading their skillsets and acquiring the latest technology stacks, as offering quality software development services is their prime objective. Additionally, they provide their clients with exceptional procedures, structured strategies, and highly organized documentation. These vendor agencies update and replace their clients’ software/systems whenever required.

Why Offshore Software Development Is Your Best Bet

You may add something to this list when you start working with an offshore outsourcing team and see how convenient it is. Now we’ll keep discussing offshore software outsourcing advantages and challenges. Make sure you understand the culture and business practices of potential offshore partners before signing any contracts. If you’re not confident in your connections or unsure of the offshoring process, your safest bet is to reevaluate and ensure you’re working with seasoned offshoring experts. And when you tuck in at night, sleep well knowing that while you rest, you have a software development team working for you.

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Data leakage is one of the most pressing challenges today because working with offshore software companies typically entails providing some information. You can address the problem by contacting a partner firm and signing an NDA. In this case, the time to market and costs would be reduced, and you’ll be able to outperform your domain competitors. It’s time to wrap up the IT managed services vs. staff augmentation debate. You know you need to accelerate your company’s digital transformation to keep up with the changing times.