EZtapping provides immense value to your practice. By providing your clients with a simple and easy way to do their tapping ‘homework’, you will find that their transformation takes place at an accelerated pace. With the wide range of programs available, you can tailor your offering according to each client’s specific needs. One of my favorites is the “Be Your Authentic Self” program. It drills down to core issues that affect virtually 90%+ of my clients. I have and shall continue to use EZtapping as an invaluable adjunct to my personal sessions with clients.

Dr. Fatima Ho
Toronto, Canada

I have been absolutely amazed at how user friendly and time efficient EZtapping is. Having a tapping session show up each day has been instrumental in supporting consistent tapping on the issue which I find most quickly affects deep change. I love having this wonderful tool to offer to my clients and support them so powerfully in their process of transformation. Brilliant Jenny!

Peggy Ness
Vancouver, British Columbia

EZtapping is just that: EASY. I used to have a hard time figuring out the words to tap on. Now, I don’t. I just follow the script and I feel better! I really like the reminder every day, too. It’s a great resource and an easy way to keep me on track! I love it!

Kristin Bradley

EZtapping has made tapping even that much easier. The hardest part for not only myself but clients especially when first starting with tapping has been, ‘What do I say’? EZtapping is perfect for helping with I want to do tapping but I just don’t know what to say. EZtapping is a wonderful tool to have available all the time but fits in perfectly for that ‘tight’ schedule as it makes it quick and easy to follow along! How great is it to get a reminder saying it is time to do your tapping….Fantastic! No more forgetting and EZtapping continues to build your skill and confidence……Thanks for a wonderful program.

Carrie Macaulay
Lindsay, Canada

EZtapping fills a huge void in the EFT healing and personal development world. It gives a powerful answer to the frustration, “What do I tap on?” Because of its simplicity and ease of use, it gets people persistently and consistently tapping – and that makes transformative difference in their lives. I encourage you to tap into that difference for yourself and your clients. I’m using EZtapping in many ways – firstly, for myself! Secondly, as part of my role in training and certifying wellness providers in EFT, I include it as an important part of my support groups.
Thirdly, I include it in the transformational packages I offer people wishing to mentor with me privately. In all cases, I hear results. Sometimes the results are pervasive life changes: more clarity, more ease or more peace. And sometimes the results are specific … lost pounds, unexpected cheques in the mail, or freedom from years of chronic back pain. It has been my pleasure to mentor and support Jenny Rice as she conceived the idea of EZtapping and then stayed with the often-difficult struggle of actually bringing it into the world. Congratulations Jenny – I’m eagerly anticipating the next accomplishment in your visionary quest to make it EZ’er for the world to experience the profound benefits of EFT!

Nancy E Forrester

First I would like to thank you for making this possible. Having this available every day enabled me to make EZtapping part of my morning ritual. When I started to do EZtapping every day I found that I wanted to create a self-care plan. In the past, when life became busy, anything I did for myself was eliminated from my routine.
But now it is different. I feel so much better and more confident when I do these things for myself. I am so grateful for the inspiration. Thank you, Jenny. Blessing,

Katherine Goudis
Barrie, Canada

I was setting up my coaching business and I was looking for a modality that I could offer to clients so they felt they were getting real value. When I learned about the EZtapping program it was just the added value I wanted for my clients.
Working with Jenny has been a great experience. The process was easy, flexible and seamless. My client’s perception is that they get more with working with me. And, I get added value offering the EZtapping program.
My clients like the program and see results and I see improvements in my clients in the areas they work on. It is a win-win. I would highly recommend the EZtapping program to others and have.

Maureen Roe
Atlanta, Georgia

If you have a specific accountability appointment with a person the likelihood to complete a task soars to 95%!! As a practitioner these are the kind of results that make our profession engaging and exciting. Providing our clients with the EZ tapping tool is genius. It allows them to be self-motivated and consistent in their progress between sessions. Clients thereby dramatically increase their capabilities and personal success. EZ Tapping is superb.

Sandra Hoffman

An amazing tool. The tapping rounds are very clearly phrased. Every tapping round focuses on a specific theme or problem, which however is applicable to most users. (Sometimes we think we don’t need a specific tapping focus, but often we find that we just weren’t aware we needed it.) The application is easy to use and works perfectly, which is extremely important for me personally as I have limited time for self-development. I love the fact that I am reminded of tapping every day. I finally got around to actually doing a morning tapping routine for the past few days.

Regina Huber
New York, New York

I used EZtapping and found it to be very helpful. The EZtapping scripts brought up some hidden aspects that I was unaware of and gave me a doorway in to long forgotten memories. I offer EZtapping to all my clients as a way to help them get started and as support between sessions. Thank you Jenny and your team!”

Mary Surette
Beaverton, Canada

I love the EZtapping programs. It has helped me tremendously. I appreciate the daily reminders and always feel lighter and more relaxed when I do the programs. It has helped me calm my nerves in many situations. When nothing else was working. I have a family member who also used EZtapping before and after surgery and she told me that it helped her get over the anxiety of the surgery and the post recovery process. I would recommend EZtapping to others.

Mary Smith
Toronto, Canada

I can say that after using EZtapping it makes it really easy to remind yourself of what’s important in your life, to make the changes you want to make by setting just 5 minutes a day to practice a new habit that will be life changing. Thanks for creating such a great program!

Vij Richards
Toronto, Canada

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to offer this EZtapping to my clients. It is a wonderful homework program that allows the client to make progress on their own between sessions and brings some great insights. I’m very happy to receive feedback like this from my clients:
I feel like I am starting to get through to myself! More aware of my thoughts, sending more love to those parts of my body that I have a difficult time accepting. I am enjoying the program. (Ideal Body Image)

Shirley Mather

What I love about working with the ex-tapping is, that it is always there for me, whenever I want or need it! The diversity of the different facets of one issue are making it easier to tap into deeper patterns, resolve more… I have from time to time difficulty with my sleep and I loved the way the program is done. I am a therapist and if I was working in English with my clients (I live in Québec so here it’s French), I would definitely choose to have the EZtapping as a tool for my work in addition to the other tools I give to my clients. Thank you Jenny for making it easier for us therapists!

Sujati Goernitz
Quebec, Canada

I am so happy that I found EZtapping.com! In my practice, I help people overcome feeling depressed & sometimes my clients have a difficult time finding the energy or motivation to tap every day. EZtapping.com is the daily reminder my clients need to do their “homework” in between sessions so they can feel better faster.

Jessica Brossart, CBP

I’ve known about tapping for years, but have never been successful putting it into practice in my own life. It would be a hit and miss thing for me, and I just hadn’t found a way to access it’s power for change, until EZtapping!!
EZtapping is an incredible program… that I’ve used for myself, have recommended to clients, and have added as a component to my own programs. It’s a super easy way for folks to engage with tapping, and experience it’s ability to create shifts in their own lives.
If you’ve ever wanted to try tapping for yourself, or be able to offer it to your clients, EZtapping is a must!!

Elizabeth Love, CLC, ACC
Charlotte, North Carolina

I tried EZtapping with a couple of test clients and I wish I had known about it sooner. My insomnia client is so happy. She says it gives her structure, gives her a reminder to tap, and it doesn’t take any time at all. She taps even when the daily script isn’t exactly what she is feeling, because she can see how much the tapping is helping her, especially when she’s consistent.
I was afraid EZtapping would replace me and she wouldn’t come back. But with EZtapping she is getting more success, faster. Now she’s ready to work with me on other issues! A happy, repeat client!

Lili Hudson
Nashville, Tennessee